Exchange and Returns

Please do not send back any articles when you did not prepay shipment costs as this means considerable additional costs. If you send back shipments that are not prepaid and you have to bear costs, we will have to charge you for these costs. Please contact us before sending an article back!

If shipment costs have to be paid by us, you will get a refund of the shipment costs paid by you immediately.

Please send back the article that you wish to return with any accessories that was part of the original article, and the original packing if there was one. We also kindly ask you to guarantee safe packaging when sending back items.

If you receive a postal receipt when handing over the parcel to the shipment supplier, please keep this receipt carefully until the return is completed. 

Return because of defects
If you wish to return one or more articles because of defects, please note in the advice of delivery (on the back of your invoice) under No. III if you wish a refund of the purchase price or an additional delivery.

The costs of additional shipments will in this case be paid by us. If you prepaid shipment costs, you will get a refund as soon as we have checked the article if it has a defect.

Return because of shipping damage or loss
If the delivered article was recognizably damaged during the shipment process (especially when the packaging is damaged, wet, crushed, newly sealed, ripped or torn open) or if components of your order were lost or stolen, please send us back the article in the damaged packaging, if possible, additionally in a new packaging. 

If you received a confirmation of the damage from the shipper, please add a copy of this when sending the package back to us. We also recommend pictures of the damaged packaging if this is possible for you.

After checking the issue, we again send you the affected item and refund the costs you paid for the return.

Return because of wrong delivery
If we accidentally sent you a wrong article that you did not order, or sent you your ordered article in a wrong version, please send back only this article. You will immediately receive the correct item and get a refund for the shipping costs you paid for this.


1. Apart from your legal rights, we offer you the possibility to exchange articles that you do not want to have anymore, if you acted as a consumer while placing your. A consumer is any natural person that concludes a legal deal for reasons that cannot be largely ascribed to a commercial or self-employed occupation.

2. This right of exchange is valid for a period of 30 days. The deadline for the enforcement of this right of exchange starts one day after the order left our warehouse. 

3. Please add the advice of delivery (on the back of your invoice) to your turn and write down which article you wish to have instead of your ordered item. If you want to return an article, please read the information on returns and the right of withdrawal. 

4. The articles must be originally packaged (if applicable), complete, unused and undamaged.

5. If you wish to make use of the right to exchange, you have to pay for the costs of sending the article back and the new delivery. You also bear the risk of the shipment. If you send back any shipments that are not prepaid for, you also have to pay for the costs that incur because of this.

6. If the sales prices of the returned item exceeds the price of the new item, the difference will be refunded within two weeks after receiving the returned item. You will be refunded through the same payment method that was used when placing your order.

If the sales prices of the new item exceeds the price of the returned item, please transfer the difference to our bank account in advance. If no other payment method was discussed, you will get the banking details via e-mail.

8. As a consumer, the rights of withdrawal apply to you when receiving a new item. Please see the information on the right of withdrawal.

9. For the purchase of the new articles as part of this right of exchange, the regulations of the responsibility for defects apply.

10. This right of exchange does not touch any of your legal or other contractual rights between you and us as a contractual partner concerning the initial purchase contract. This especially means the legal right of withdrawal (as appropriate), regulations of the responsibility for defects (as appropriate) or contractual claims from a guarantee of the initially ordered item (as appropriate). 

Advice of Delivery
If you wish to send back or exchange items for the reasons listed above, please fully fill out the advice of delivery that you can find on the back of your invoice that was part of your order. Please ship all the items that you wish to return or exchange together with the advice of delivery fully prepaid to the following address: 

Shirt und Sackerl e. U.
Sonnenallee 122/2
1220 Wien

If the requirements for the right of exchange meet (see above) we will send you your desired articles as soon as possible and, as appropriate, refund you differences in prices.